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:: Monday, December 23, 2002 ::

I don't deal well with authority. People trying to tell me what to do, or how to do something different. Well, It's when the "authority" figure is someone who really no smarter than me, does that make sense? Like, if they actually knew more than me in that area then I'd be fine with them sharing their knowledge. (I think) That's why I love my pool job-especially last summer after I was manager, bc I was the one who knew how to do everything. There were little things the Board Members would request but for the most part I knew more about the pool. Oh and good example of accepting authority was when we hired Payne Pools (I love Kenny Payne) and he was teaching us about pool chemicals-I was fine with him telling me what to do for that bc he has like 843209 years experience. Uh I'm basically a snobby brat, haha. But's its true-I can't stand for like, some kid in high school to try to "teach" me how to fold a HELLO, I've been folding shirts my whole life, I know what is aesthetically pleasing. I don't need your guidance on that one, Thanks Chief!
So basically I better get a job where I can move up in management quick! I could own a music store that has a bar and has bands play. Oh my gosh, dream job! haha! I need to work on this:) I'm going to look up online about bartending school:)

:: Miss Scarlet 1:26 AM [+] ::
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