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:: Friday, December 27, 2002 ::

Engine Down tomorrow in DC.
Tonite at work I met a girl who is a freshman at MWC, I'm going to take her under my wing.
They also made me be The Greeter for an hour and a half tonite. It's not that I'm too shy anymore to talk to's that I feel like people don't want to be bothered. When I go shopping I want to be left alone, no don't want a mesh bag and if I have a question about a return policy, I'll ask someone. I dunno, I understand the whole customer service thing but when there's a whole thing of mesh bags sitting there, is it really necessary for me to bother people asking if they want one? Anyway...
Rena leaves for CA tomorrow, I'm gonna miss her even though I've seen her once in the last year. But her blogs are great.
I need to sleep, I have to get up in 4.5 hours:( And yes, I'm going to complain about it a lot.
ps. I hope tomorrow nite is as exciting as I think it will be
pps. Chipotle has been open since the 23rd...and all of Manassas is constantly in line for it=/

:: Miss Scarlet 1:22 AM [+] ::
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