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:: Sunday, December 22, 2002 ::

Dammit! I was not mentioned in the Hey Mercedes for having sent a cool mix cd:( All that effing work at $14! But I should receive their mix cds soon, so that will make up for it.
Man my hands are cold.
Work was ok today. I had to go at my on-call time of 3 and I worked til 12.-ouch! But I got Pantera Bread for my lunch and that helped, hehe. I worked in Kids for awhile which was weird bc I know nothing about that dept and when people ask about sizing I have to make stuff up. Then I did the fitting room for 2 hours which was ok because Paul, a guy back from college, would come in and make me laugh. Then I worked in Mens and then I fixed the "Chevy Truck" with all the shirts. I like doing stuff like that. The funniest thing happened during clean up though when Dave found a pair of FUBU jeans in the stack of Old Navy jeans. They even had the size sticker on them-Someone just walked out wearing a new pair of pants! Haha, Aren't FUBU's nicer though? I don't like Old Navy men's jeans. So Dave put then on to see "how he looked *ghetto*" until some girl joked, "I bet they have crabs" and he jumped in the air trying to pull them off (they were over his other jeans) and fell on the floor..haha. Craziness-I blame it on Justin Timberlake.

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