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:: Sunday, December 01, 2002 ::

A Big Announcement..sort of:

I saw part of Star Wars. Many people know of the fact that I've never seen any of them and I often get "scolded" on this subject. So over T-Day break I attemped to get into one of the older no avail. I'm sorry but I firmly believe that since I don't have some grandiose memory of watching them as a child then it's not going to be exciting when I try to watch them now. I find them boring, and old....and I don't get into the R2D2 and whatever the hell other things there are. So my second attempt was on T-Day nite when one of the newer ones was on. This was a better experience because it was made recently and is more exciting in my *humble* opinion and has actors/actresses who I like. In the "better made" way, and yes this is just because its more high tech or whatever. Don't fight me on this, I won't listen to you. I don't care if the other one was ahead of it's time, it doesn't matter. So, my thoughts after watching about an hour of it are that 1) I like the story, it's interesting. I'm sure it's exciting to see how to characters came about. And when I saw characters I am not talking about the non-human things, I'm not into them at all. 2) I don't care for any of the parts with non-human things...such as that fight scene with the things in the bubble or whatever, I channel surfed during this part. I'm sorry, I just don't like it. 3) Natalie Portman is cool and everyone should watch The Professional 4) Light sabors-eh... 5) THat's all I guess but don't jump all over me just bc I'm not into your precious movies....and *you* is not directed to anyone.


:: Miss Scarlet 11:28 PM [+] ::
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