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:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::

"Auto Pilot" by Queens of the Stone Age is a great song, I love it.
Today is sucking. Contrary to my previous post I'm not in the "scheme of things" mindset. I just want a job, why is that such a difficult thing to obtain. I'm giving the lady today to call me back and then tomorrow I'll call her. I don't want to bother her and I can't go in for an interview tomorrow anyway because I have class all day. If only she had an answering machine-I love those things. So as a direct result of this I'm still having to totally skimp on things so I'll be able to go to the last few things going on this week: Denali and maybe Spirits tomorrow in Fred (hopefully will only cost gas money if I can put my skills to good use, and no, not those skills), Thursday is Ali's swim meet at Vint Hill and I'm going to this thru snow and whatever else is thrown my way (will only cost gas money and I can probably get a free dinner out of the deal and maybe steal some of the fam's food), Friday is I think going to be Interpol at the 9:30 Club which I didn't want to go to bc it's more than the Alley Katz one and duh, farther away BUT, Edenpark is playing in my pseudo hometown of Manassas on Saturday nite and since I actually know those guys and always have a great time seeing them play I have to go to that. But I'll have to miss the First Friday again (where you walk to different art things and sometimes there is food and wine, I've never been but I bet it will be cold as balls so maybe missing it will be ok, ha). By the way, the Edenpark show will cost gas and it's a charity thing so admission is a $5 toy or something. But I can probably stay at my house Friday nite and cut down on gas, oh I hadn't thought of that, yay! Unless of course, all of these plans get foiled bc I will HOPEFULLY get a job and will have to work-Please! I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing to plan my weekend before "hump day".....
"In the Fade" is also really good but Nick Oliveri doesn't sing it;)

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