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:: Thursday, December 19, 2002 ::

All day long all I do is figure out what 20% off of everything is. Seriously, everything I fold I think, "I'd get this in gray and wear it with this." Its actually pretty funny. I really need to resist getting an Old Navy credit card! I'd get myself into so much debt. But I really need to find my discount card to go to the Gap bc I love it there and hello-30%!!!!!!!!
So tomorrow is Ali's 16th birthday. I'm taking her to school, picking her up and we're getting Chinese then we're hanging out til her meet. Well, I think some of her friends are coming over before they head to the meet. Should be exciting!
So, who else enjoys french fries and ice cream together? It really only works with salty mcdonalds ones and soft ice cream. yummm.
Man I have nothing exciting to talk about:( TIME FOR A TOP SEVEN AND A HALF!!!

Top Seven And A Half Things That Made Me Happy Today:
7.5. Chipotle is opening in Manassa....
7. This happened yesterday but oh well, I saw my friend Jessica from sophomore year. yay!
6. CD player in car is fixed!
5. I said lots of things into the Old Navy headset today and it was fun, I make myself not make jokes though. ALthough I'm going to start saying, "I'm on it!" (like Joey!)
4. FRIENDS and ER, even though reruns, are both episodes I haven't seen
3. I love seeing construction worker guys buying things for their teenage daughters for Christmas, SO ADORABLE!
2. Seeing the QOTSA video on MTV
1. My mom made me breakfast


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