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:: Sunday, November 24, 2002 ::

Weekend Update (Before The Weekend Is Over):
Pat and Vanessa came down on Friday like I said and we went to Sweetwater, a bar down by Hole In The Wall, on Broad and had a nice time people watching and talking. We were trying to think of all of the Richmond things we had to do so once decided we headed down to The Village where Robert met us since apparently Godfrey's had been full of men or something. (Sounds ideal to me). Pat was introduced to the *pitcher of coke* and greasy fries YUMMY fries which is the basis of my love of the place..and the interesting people you can see there. I should have gotten iced coffee like Vanessa but seeing as how I only spent $2 I think I made the right decision, hehe. Then we headed back home so *someone* could digest, haha, just kidding. Then we got sucked into watching Caligula which I recommend only watching if you're asleep, or blind. Not really, It's just not my type of movie. We watched most of it in fast forward and then stopped it about 2 hours from the end. Then we went to sleep.
Saturday we got up and headed to Carytown and walked around a bit then went to breakfast (lunch) at 3rd street diner since its one of the must-go places of Richmond. Vanessa and I had wanted to go in the middle of the nite since thats the best time but it didn't work out. Anyway, that was such a good meal! YUM! Then we went to the Science Musuem!!!! Yay! But man, It's expensive. We got tickets for the Titanica IMAX movie and had about 2 hours to waste in the musuem but we learned a lot so that's good. Titanica was kind of a letdown. Instead of being one of those adrenaline rushing movies that I remember it was sorta of boring at times, interesting...but I guess I was expecting more. The planetarium little show as funny though which those lame voices, haha! Then we went to Bottom's Up (another Must Go place) and got incredibly full there on Pineapple and Sausage pizza, (that was mine, yum). Thennnnnn, we came back here and they left to go home and about an hour later I headed the same way to meet at Spirits. I had some anthropological research to do there (seriously) and it was nice to see the regulars..wait, we are regulars. I've decided to go to bartending school though:)
Today I'm just hanging out and eventually I have to write my paper based on my Spirits research. Maybe I'll post it if it turns out to be interesting. And ALIAS doesn't come on tonite:( Have a Nice Day Everyone!

:: Miss Scarlet 3:33 PM [+] ::
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