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:: Friday, November 08, 2002 ::

Volleyball? Is this the team you tried out for? do elaborate Jules.
I'm so cold, someone come warm me up:( I had such a pleasant day, week even, and now at the very end of the day before I go lay in bed and think too much it has taken a turn for the worse. It's not really bad, the type of moment where you have no right to complain but it just feels like you shouldn't be happy. I don't want to complain bc that's lame. Let's try a new approach:

Top Ten Cool Things Of The Moment:

10. My room is cold.
9. I think I actually know whats going on in Stats for once
8. my socks are so soft, from the GAP and I love them
7. I love it during winter when your watch and rings get all lose
6. Bedtime
5. I successfully did errands today
4. I don't have a cold anymore
3. I have clean jeans
2. Tomorrow is Friday
1. Listening to Billy Corgan, makes me melt

I wouldn't subject you all to my antics if it wasn't so easy to type. It takes longer to write in a journal and my handwriting gets sloppy and I hate that. So you're stuck with me;)
Word to ya mutha....

~S...enses go first

:: Miss Scarlet 12:35 AM [+] ::
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