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:: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 ::

Top 10 Musical Moments In My "Career":
10. Getting first chair in 9th grade (and 10th, 11th and 12th..I'm sorry, but it's my only thing to brag about, and I think Rena's the only one to have knowledge of some of those years besides me who reads this blog)
9. During the Veteran's Day Parade in Warrenton when all of a sudden it was me, on baritone with a solo bc everyone else got messed up/lost (It pains me to choose a Marching Band memory as a good one, but hey...I ruled!)
8. Teaching myself how to play the bassoon...Nevermind that I never performed on it!
7. Playing alto sax on the Christmas concert in 7th grade bc the regular guy didn't celebrate Christmas
6. Being in Community Band when I was in 7th grade.
5. Playing at the Flute Convention in Maryland with the LHS Flute Choir my junior year.
4. Being first chair in District Band my Senior year and having a solo:) I have a tape of it, yay!
3. Playing "A Closer Walk With Thee" (ok, I can't really remember the title but its a funeral march then it gets all fast and jazzy) Anyway, I got to play one of the 4 or 5 big solo parts and it totally ruled!!!! This was my sophomore year of high school I think.
2. My Senior Recital on 16 April 2002 (thanks Mandy!) Props to Andrew and Mike Disque too:)
1. Playing in Carnegie Hall on 20 March 2002..I will be back!

Top However Many Sport Memories I Can Think no particular order:
1. 1999 (?) The first win in 10 years the Remington Swim Team had and it was while I was coaching!
2. Going to All-Stars (top 18 swimmers from the league in each event) when I was 17 for every event except for backstroke (get Ali to tell you how bad I am at that stroke)
3. Finalist in the Fauquier County 16-Unders Tennis Tournament in 1996
4. Making the tennis team and becoming (haha) the inspiration story for years to come (remember that Rena?)
5. Playing a 1.5 hour singles match against Jill Spencer, an hour long exhibition doubles match and then the #1 doubles match with Rena.... I love tennis! That was against our "rivals" FHS
6. Li Puma United soccer team, yay! I still need a shirt though...
7. Riding the short bus to tennis matches..haha! Remember we planned on being plumbers Rena? I had another good idea: leaf blowers-it's satisfying work and you only work right after the leaves fall, awesome!

I love top ten (or however many) lists...please use the COMMENTING option and give me some ideas on lists to make:)


ps. haha, I thought of a good one but I need to think of more and then post it!

:: Miss Scarlet 12:51 AM [+] ::
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