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:: Sunday, November 03, 2002 ::

So the weekend...
Friday:Wasn't planning on leaving Richmond until some other things came up and I headed up to Fred, then Vanessa and I were totally spontaneous and decided to go see The (International) Noise Conspiracy. They are awesome though so it was totally worth it in my mind. Anyway, saw a bunch of people we knew there which was cool and Small Brown Bike opened and this other band so that was good bc I like Small Brown Bike. And we were super tired so we managed to get one of the seats on the balconey which turned out to be the best move of the nite bc we were right next to (I)NC for the show...The lead singer totally looked at me and smiled. Haha...There was this really creepy scary guy in the audience who looked like he was from Flock of Seagulls and he was totally obsessed with the singer and had these abnormally long arms and he'd constantly reach out and touch the singer..anywhere he could. And when he tried to crowd surf he was retarded and looked stupid. I wanted to punch him. But (I)NC is SO GOOD. I put their sticker on my car-and that's a big deal;) Got home at about 3:30 that nite.
Saturday-Since I was up from RVA anyway and we knew about their show on Saturday, we decided to be extremely spontaneous and insane and go visit our favorite Edenpark guys in York, PA! They had an early show in Harrisburg, PA so we planned to leave VA at 11:30AM. But the fertilizer spill on 66 caused me to be about 45 minutes late and we didn't leave the DC area until about 1:20....OK, I guess I was more than 45 minutes late-but it wasn't my fault at all. It worke dout ok though bc we got to York in classic Vanessa-Scarlet Record Time. And they ended up not even leaving until way later anyways. Although we didn't realized Puffy Josh, John, and the guy who'se name I still don't know were waiting on us as we took a self-guided tour of lovely York which included the Dunkin Doughnuts and Wendy's. Ooops, sorry guys. Got to Harrisburg, uh DC, at about 5, show started at 6 and it was I think 5 bands. The first few were ok bc they band members were no older than 17 and they played covers of punk bands, hehe. Then this horrible Misfits cover band played and I wanted to shoot them bc they kept saying "This is our last one!" and I'd be relieved but they were lying....bastards. ChoExperiment from Boston went on second to last and they were great! I can't explain their sound right now, go to their webpage (look them up on google) but they are awesome performers!! Edenpark, as always;), were great and finished up the show. From their first notes you could tell they were going to be really good, they sounded much more professional than all of the other bands, excluding Cho...I took some pics for BBS so I hope they come out well for him. Oh, I forgot to mention that they were all dressed up as glam rockers or something for some poster picture they took ( I think) so they all had wigs and makeup and nail polish on. Hahaha, It was so hard to talk to them normally all day, or about serious things when they had blue eyeshadow on or pink lipstick. Hehe. During their set I got thrown into their merch table a lot, sorry Abby. And the guy with bad BO kept standing near me, EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got home at 3AM
Sunday-Slept until 1. Mom made me food. Came back here. ALIAS is on tonite. And I have a new table in my room, rock and roll!


:: Miss Scarlet 7:40 PM [+] ::
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