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:: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 ::

Rena, I observe people in my classes too...Especially in my Life Sciences class bc we all get there like 45 mintes early bc it's at MCV and we have to take a bus there. Anyway, there are these people who sit a few rows ahead of me and a couple of weeks ago two of them started dating. And I know this because all of a sudden it was imperative that they sit next to each other and the dorky boy would put his arm around her and stuff. Blah. Anyway, Yesterday I get to class and notice that the dorky boy is sitting next to the friend which isn't so strange. But then the 'girlfriend' comes and sits next to the girl so its: 'girlfriend', girl, dorky boy. Still not that strange. Well, then...the dorky boy starts playing in the girl's hair! Like, not just "hey I like your hair" It was more like "Let me sensually play with your hair" She even took it out of hte ponytail so he could go at it. EW! But her body language looked like she wasn't into it. He'd be playing in her hair and she'd be talking to the 'girlfriend'. He even out his arm around her which she shrugged off but then she was holding his hand! IT WAS SO WEIRD! The annoying girls in front of me noticed too. I'll tell stories about the annoying girls some other time.

:: Miss Scarlet 11:30 AM [+] ::
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