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:: Thursday, November 21, 2002 ::

Remember the episode of FRIENDS when they make their lists of people they're allowed to get with if they ever see them? And Susan Sarandon's too political, haha. And Ross messes it up with Isabella Rossilini? ha. Anyway, in Bio I made my own list. Well, 2 of them, one for actors and one for musicians. Please feel free to comment. And now that I have the list, I guess the significant other is the next step: haha!

1. Brad Pitt
2. Ben Affleck
3. Leonardo Dicaprio
4. Johnny Knoxville
5. Jared Leto

1. Dave Grohl
2. Billy Corgan
3. Bob Nanna
4. Tom Delonge
5. Jim Ward

Yeahhhhhh, I should have been paying more attention. But last nite when I was bored and again, didn't wnt to do any work I was thinking about my Top 5 FRIENDS episodes but quickly realized it's impossible to only 5. So, Using my issue of Entertainment Weekly when they summarized every episode of the 7 seasons (this came out a year or so ago) I chose a Top 5 (or 10 for one exceptional season) from each season. If you want a reminder of what the episode was about, just COMMENT, or email me. (Oh and by the way, TOW= The One Where...or The One With...)

Top 5 Episodes From Season 1 Of FRIENDS:
1. The Pilot
2. TOW Rachel Finds Out
3. TOW The Birth
4. TOW The Stoned Guy
5. TOW All The Poker

I'll do the other seasons later...I bet Rena's the only one who will care. Do you still read this Rena-bo-bena?

:: Miss Scarlet 11:45 AM [+] ::
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