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:: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 ::

The Quick And Painless Weekend Overview:
Friday was the Strike Anywhere show and I was the second person to get in...Rock and Roll. Was getting there at 3:20 to wait in line and get into arguments with people over stupid things worth it? Um yes. The bands were all good, Strike Anywhere is awesome and I don't care what people say, You don't have to agree with everything a band sings about to like them. Have you heard of a thing called "MUSIC"? I would hope that bands that do take stands on issues such as Strike Anywhere and (I)NC would want their listener's to at least have their own opinins on things rather than just following the crowd bc it's the "cool thing to do." Don't tell me I'm at the wrong show just bc I'm not taking the no-war side. I'm not on any side bc I don't feel like I know enough to not sound like an idiot fighting for one side or the other. As ignorant (?) as it might be, the people running our country know more than I do at the moment about it. Not being snotty but for the anti-war people out there, please let me know what your alternate plan would be, I'm honestly curious because it's easy to say "No War" which is obviously what everyone wants but maybe I've just missed what the opposing side's plan of action would be.
Anyway, Don't beat me up.After the show Van and I went to Mike Disque's and hung out then I went home. Saturday i got up way too early and went to Baltimore to go to the Navy-Notre Dame game with my fellow blogger Julianne-THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE TICKET DOOD! I had the best time. I wanted to fight some of those Notre Dame fans. The hardcore ND fans are like Tech fans-they suck. At least most Tech fans at least went there. The stupid 10 year old next to me was driving me insane...So yeah, that nite we went to Anna's 22nd Bday party which was verrrrry entertaining, heh. Happiest Birthday Wishes Anna!
Next day I saw Jackass which is the funniest movie ever!!!!!!!!! I could have watched it all day long. Doesn't hurt that Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera are hot...mmm. Someone get me the DVDs of the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the show. I love them.
Thats all...More stuff went down but this entry is long enough already!

:: Miss Scarlet 1:21 AM [+] ::
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