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:: Friday, November 15, 2002 ::

Just as an update from the VCU computer lab:
1) About to take my anthropology exam at 11. I forgot to bring my printed out power point slides with my notes on them. Hence me being on the computer having to look them up again. Pretty much sucks.
2) Had stats lab this morning and understood beautifully....until of course he handed out the quiz and I totalled forgot the equations and combined the two. Bust. Definitely almost cried.
3) Had a sausage egg and cheese breakfast thing, that was the best part of the morning so far.
4) Still have no idea about stupid car. Dad is calling at 12 which will be when I'm walking home, oops. The hope is that I will go try it when I get back-it will work-I can go to Pats.
5) Still no word from any jobs-they can all die in the firestorm that I plan on starting!

I'm going to go cram some more....*sigh*.


ps. ow, chest pains!

:: Miss Scarlet 10:31 AM [+] ::
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