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:: Saturday, November 30, 2002 ::

I saw that preview before 8 Mile and I got really excited because hello, Ben Affleck and Hello, Jennifer Garner. This is a sure fire winner in my opinion! I spent way too much time at this site last nite, and there's still so much to learn. My "plans" got changed a little for this weekend so I'm just hanging out at home waiting for "someone" to call. It feels like a Sunday to me so I keep expecting ALIAS to come on tonite and then I realize it's stupid Sat. But I guess thats good bc tomorrow nite I need to study for my stats test-who assigns a test the day after break, wtf. Only one week of classes left and then I'm done with exams by the 10th I think which is awesome! I only have 2 real exams: stats and bio because Life Science is open book (yeah... I know) and anthro is just a regular test the last day of classes. So I plan on getting 100s on those 2 exams. I can do it. Yeah, enough about school, I'm on break. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything tonite. Rena said we should hang out. I should give her a call later, if I remember.
Peace out yo's,

:: Miss Scarlet 12:59 PM [+] ::
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