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:: Thursday, November 14, 2002 ::

I have this need to be connected to the world. It is the reason why I used to watch TV all of the time, and why once I got the internet I wanted to be connected all of the time. And also is why when I can't be online and can't watch TV I like to listen to the radio even if that does mean dealing with crap. When I go home to Bealeton I can watch TV all day...having a bunch of channels helps;) And even if I'm not talking to someone or actively doing something on the internet I like to be online. I can't stand just sitting in my room listening to a CD and thats it. Well, sometimes I can but that's when I'm about to go to sleep maybe, haha. I don't know why I felt the need to blog about this. But I was thinking about it. At least this way I'll know if there's some emergency and I won't be the one chillin' in my room doing nothing and not knowing that aliens have landed or something, hehe. You know what's really weird though? Watching a tape of some shows, like last week I had taped FRIENDS and ER and got everything in between. So, I was watching it and it had like, sniper reports or something and it was weird bc it was "breaking news" but I was watching it a week later. Weird.
Another thought: Fall, with maybe the exception of a Caribbean Island, is the most beautiful thing ever! Changing leaves are so cool, I took a picture of a bright yellow one today. It's too bad the highlight of fall, when the leaves are still pretty, is such a short time. But at least you can look forward to snow after that:) Oh crap I guess I'm a little more south now...This is why I need to live in NYC!!!!! Philly first, then NYC-that's the plan Stan (The Jam Plan!). I'm going to go make my headache go away now=)
ps. 1979 on the radio:) Let's hope they don't eff it up with Creed next or something, ew. (Sorry Jules)

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