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:: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 ::

I found the explanation for my allergy to raw apples and pears!:

What Happens?

An allergic response occurs when the over active immune system can not distingish the difference between pollen proteins and food proteins. When the immune system recognizes a "cross reactive" protein, symptoms develop.

Sometimes foods in the same botanical family, will also cause reactions. For instance, potato and carrot; parsley and celery; or apple and pear. This cross reactivity is referred to as clusters of hypersensitivity.


Rapid onset of itching of the lips, mouth, or pharnyx, and swelling of the lips, tongue, throat, and palate are the most commmon symptoms of OAS. Symptoms normally appear within minutes of eating the offending food.


Nothing else exciting to blog about. I think I'm going to go watch Rena's boyfriend in A Knight's Tale:)

:: Miss Scarlet 5:14 PM [+] ::
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