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:: Sunday, November 17, 2002 ::

Hi, I'm in Bealeton. I had to bring the sgtpppr home and switch for the Firebird *reow*. But instead of rushing back I decided it was better to take advantage of free food and cable here at the Rose Household. Yay! And I need to stop by the bank in Fredericksburg and I *might* pick up some applications there, hmmm. Not sure what's in store for this week. I have 2 papers due this week? maybe one, I can't remember. And I might go guest STAR (hah) on Courtney's radio show at William & Mary on Tuesday and go see Cex but that depends on el coche and the paper. But just this week then 2 days and then its Thanksgiving Break! Awoohoo!
I'm taking ALi to school tomorrow and I *might* go in and say hi to her friends I know, haha. This usually seems like a good idea until I get there and realize I'm old. But maybe I can go see G-Sims (nickname of my favorite music teacher ever! He was my private clarinet teacher in 6th grade and he adores me;)..). Actually, and old LHS friend works there now, but I'm not sure if I'm up for that. I'll let you know how it goes.
I watched so much TV today and it ruled-compared to yesterday when it sucked. Right now though on Ali's tv (the computer is in her room and she's asleep) is the 5th wheel which sucks! EWEWEW! Naked people in a jacuzzi. Nasty.
Good nite all.

:: Miss Scarlet 11:59 PM [+] ::
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