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:: Monday, November 25, 2002 ::

First of all, I don't want any of you pessimistic people saying that FRIENDS needs to end...I won't listen to you because you're arguments suck. *Even if* (and I'm not saying this) FRIENDS is not as funny as before, it's still soooooo much better than anything else out there (well, comedy wise at least). But this is what I wanted to blog about: They keep having interviews on ET with the stars and asking if it's the last season (::sob::) and they keep giving these ambiguous answers that make me think they might come back which would be awesome! Lisa Kudrow just said she loves working there and probably the reason they wouldn't come back would be for "creative reasons" bc they want to make sure there are still character developments to be made and stuff. But man oh man I really hope they come back, besides, 10 years is a nice round number;) And that would also give me a chance to be a guest star.

ps. Hello sweet pants!
pps. No, That's a goldfish cracker.
ppps. I know! (m)
pppps. I know! (r)
ppppps. Noooooooo (r)

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