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:: Friday, November 01, 2002 ::

Even though I have to get up in roughly 5 hours I'm still putting off looking over my stats notes since I have that damn weekly quiz tomorrow at 8. But tonite was Halloween, can't ruin it with statistics, gross. A recap: Helped J+J decorate Sauce from 7 til 9:30ish, Went to Cara/Katies' and met up with them and Robert and Courtney, drank a beer, Went to a warehouse/actual house? party off of Broad that was $3 (which is ok with me) but the beer cost $2, wtf?! But seeing the creative costumes was worth it! For example: Bullshit (a girl with fake poo all over her), Broccoli (that was Cara), Dead Thelma and Louise complete with rearview mirror "in" head and steering wheel "in" abdomen, etc. Went back to Cara/Katies and I made them watch the Foo Fighters on Letterman (they were great by the way), Everyone went to sleep and Katie and I jetted off to the 929 for The Cure cover band...But it was freaking sold out!!!! crazy. Dropped Katie off at a random house (ok, not really random, but close enough), went back to Sauce at roughly 1AM and hung out there looking like a slut even though I was dressed up as "Sydney Bristow, Double Agent". Now I'm back here and not wanting to study. I do, however, want to sleep. 8AM classes suck! I love costumes and dressing up. More people should throw costume parties` *hint* *hint*!!!!
ps. I'm in Rome

:: Miss Scarlet 2:14 AM [+] ::
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