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:: Friday, November 22, 2002 ::

ER is a great show. I wish it wouldn't make medicine look so "glamorous" bc it makes me want to do it but then I'm like, "Oh yeah, organic and med school and studying a lot, no thanks" Hehe. The kind of cool/annoying thing about my Life Science class with the different speaker each week is that it gives lots of career ideas. I had myself convinced I should be a heart surgeon when the thoracic surgeon guy gave his speech on heart transplants and explained the procedure so easily. This week was the clinical lab lady making it sound like fun to do CBCs and Chem7s and I was all ready to apply to her program. But on the way out this snotty dental hygenist biyatch was telling her friend "lab work is SO boring!" She was lame and I wanted to trip her. What other careers have I considered this semester...Well, most of our lectures have to do with the human genome and stuff related to that. And while its fascinating, I just don't get excited enough to think about working with it for the next 40 years. Oh I really wish I would have some grand idea about what to do, and soon. Oh but btw, I know understand a lot more of the medical terms thrown around on ER:) Like, the CK level in the kid with the heart problem, awww yeah!
What else? Stats lab at 8AM tomorrow-must get 100. And I thought FRIENDS was awesome tonite, even with Andrew groaning quite loudly as Chandler got serious. But DUH, it was to set up Amy's line about him being the father, duhhhhh. Just kidding Andrew. I'm kidding, I'm a kidder. 10 points to whoever know where that came from.
Once I have a job (cross your fingers, please!!!!!!!!!) and am back on track financially *sigh* I'm starting a car fund because as my mom said, "Yours is wearing out." Yikes! Maybe Pat and I will get a multimillion dollar record contract after we play Spirits Open Mic Nite. That would be lovely.
The thought of the day is: unrequited, doesn't it? *wink*

:: Miss Scarlet 12:29 AM [+] ::
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