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:: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ::

We all now (or should know) that I adore those stupid email surveys...You know, the forwards you get too often that make you want to throw your computer across the room. Well, I don't care, they're better than doing work. So here is one to work on and Mail to me! Just copy and paste and all that jazz and put your own answers. Woohooo!!!!
1. Name- Scarlet
2. Birthday- 17 Feb (I need all of your birthdays anyway)
3. How many blankets do you use at nite? 1 sheet, 1 regular blanket and 2 comfortors
4. Do you like ALIAS? Why or Why the Hell not? It's the best show ever, next to FRIENDS but that's a comedy so it's ok.
5. What is your favorite season? Fall when its really cold and the leaves are pretty, mmm.
6. Do you know how to crochet? I used to
7. Can you swim? Of course I can, I'm the swim coach extraordinaire (But Ali can beat me, I know she'll read this and think that, she's an AWESOME swimmer!!!!)
8. Favorite Number- 17
9. Last Dream you had- That I was suddenly studying abroad in England, had my car and made the realization that I'd be in the same country as all of those kick ass festivals they have over there with Foo Fighters and Trail of Dead!
10. Are you tired? yes, therefore i will finish this later. Send me your repsonses, I'm bored.


:: Miss Scarlet 2:15 PM [+] ::
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