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:: Thursday, October 10, 2002 ::

Top Seven and a Half Random Thoughts of This Very Moment:
7.5. I'd really like to hook up with....
7. I'm going to write an entire post entitled "AIM 101" bc there are some things that people should know and just don't
6. I love my IKEA rug..if only I had more IKEA furniture to go on top of it. My room looks too much like a dorm room, gross. No wonder I can't stay awake.
5. Jesse and Jobeth are having a yard sale this weekend at my Bealeton house, I might have to break down and actually participate to make some moola! YUCK! I'VE BECOME EVERYTHING I HATE! ha
4. Best Buy only has openings for Product Security-um, what the hell is that?
3. Foo Fighters are playing in NYC on Halloween, who wants to go?
2. Bookstores suck! Its impossible to find things and they have no ethnogaphies.
1. I'm so excited about mine and Ali's "date" to see White Oleander tomorrow. For all who don't know, Ali's my sister and she rocks!

:: Miss Scarlet 4:17 PM [+] ::
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