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:: Thursday, October 31, 2002 ::

Top However Many Things That Suck Right Now And Why It's Okay:

1.Got my bio test back and am scared to look at it ::::: I already have a degree so who really cares?
2. I have extreme negative feelings towards the smart girl in class who got a 100 and was quite smug about it ::::: I am sure the stick in her ass hurts
3. My car is struggling, Muffler, Starter?, Lock, Etc. ::::: I don' t have car payments
4. I need a job ::::: Job=Money=Material Objects=Scarlet's Happy!
5. Stats lab at 8AM tomorrow ::::: There really isn't a good thing about this since I have to get up early
6. Nothing really to do for Halloween:( ::::: Going to help decorate Jesse and Jobeth and possibly Baltimore on Sat!

That's it really. I was just pretty annoyed at the smart girl. Erg...I should show her a MWC test and watch her convulse. BOOOYA! Haha, I'm so snobby and I love it.

ANYWAY, Last nite at MWC was fun. Ramrod was great and it was fun once again to watch my friends "act" insane on stage. I'm mainly directing that one to Patrick-He's quite the frontman. Lot Six was a pleasant surprise! I really enjoyed them and wish I had had money to buy some *merch* hehe. After the show I stayed behind with Cara so she would have someone to ride home with her later. So I went to Amelia's where everyone was gathering while Cara went off to hang out with P. At first there were only about 7 of us at Amelia's then all of a sudden the door opens and about 5 MWCers and all of Lot Six and their people come through the door! It was like a clown car! They were some cool dOOds, those band guys, and we learned all about Boston. But I don't think they took my request to go to NYC and Texas with them seriously. Oh well. I enjoyed talking to different people, meeting my other sister Melissa Rose and listening to Amelia's AWESOME Brit Pop CD. Then Cara got back and we headed home, got here way too late, got up way too early and went to class which takes us full circle back to #1 on my list above. I'm going job hunting in a bit and I think I shall get lunch out...but what shall I get?
My hands are so freaking cold...
Love and Kisses,

:: Miss Scarlet 11:38 AM [+] ::
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