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:: Monday, October 21, 2002 ::

Things about today that I was not pleased about:
~Being freaked out after hearing that someone was shot in Opal, not sniper related though...
~My hands are so cold, all of the time.
~My F-Head of a stats professor wouldn't take my homework, He said "You can't turn it in at the end of class" And if I hadn't been so mad I would have pointed out that 1)the syllabus says nothing about it having to be in by 2PM and 2)the syllabus DOES say to be considerate in class and when people show up 20 minutes late and walk in front of him to turn it in, I think it's annoying and I was not going to do that. I was like 2 minutes late and chose to not interrupt class and wait to turn it in. Oh he is SO getting a strongly worded letter when I turn it in next Monday!
~MWC sucks and did not send my transcripts as I requested and PAID them to do, Now I can't register here at VCU until they get turned in. Stupid MWC!
~I miss everyone.
~Johanna was right....*not elaborating*

Things that were good about today:
~The day before the new Foo Fighters come out, awwwww yeah!
~It's cold out:)
~I love my new sweater
~Rena and I are planning out bridesmaids
~I made M's CD, Finally! Let's see if he ever gets it...
~Jennifer Garner on Leno tonite:)

More later, my hands are cold.

:: Miss Scarlet 11:21 PM [+] ::
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