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:: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ::

The new Foo Fighters album is in my posession! Here are my initial responses as I have my primary (and first of many) listens:
ALL MY LIFE: Totally rocking, this is the single. I love it when he screams. This is the Stacked Actors of the album.
LOW: Slower, with energy boiling underneath (ooh I should work for a magazine). Good, fast drums-Yay Taylor! Is that Dave backing up himself? hmmm
HAVE IT ALL:I'm really liking the drumming overall so far. Ooooh, this one has some nice harmonies (I'm such a music major dork)
TIMES LIKE THESE:Awww, I like this one. "It's times like these you learn to love again" hehe, *heart* This sounds like another band that I can't place my finger on...
DISENCHANTED LULLABY:The first note sounded just like a Sunny Day Real Estate song by the way. I wish this sounded more "minor" but that's cool. Ooh I like, gritty screaming, mmm. And arpeggios.
TIRED OF YOU:Starts of slow, with distinctive chord changes, Man-I've got to stop with the music talk. "is this just desire or truth?" This is one of my favorites so far.
HALO:Bien..Kind of removed singing, sort of. If that makes any sense. I'm noticing more guitar solos, Must be a result of all that metal he was doing.
LONELY AS YOU:Slow. Then not slow. I like it.
OVERDRIVE:These could all be radio hits. Ooooh, same drum fill as a song on TCATS. I'm so good;)
BURN AWAY: Green Day sounding opening. I'm all about the comparisons today. Then no so much Green Dayish. Oh this one is good!!!!!! "I'll never burn again" So good, wohoooo!
COME BACK: Good ending to a great album if you ask me. But Foo Fighters could put out "sounds of my kitchen sink" and I'd love it. teehee.

I'm gonna go make soup, with crackers, mmm.


:: Miss Scarlet 12:14 PM [+] ::
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