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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

Laundry seems to be determined by my socks, bc that's the first thing I run out of. With everything else I can go for like a month. One time in high school I wore a different outfit everyday for a month. I rewore jeans though, bc people can't tell with that. Anyway, I need more socks.
As a response to Rena's blog, which you can direct yourself to if you go to the links in the left hand side of this page....I read your blog!!!!!!!!! And it's hard to get more personal in blogs I think. Because it's OUT there on the internet and who knows who could be reading it. (Hi Ali!) Because I was thinking about this after I read *someone's* entries that are quite personal and it was cool. I'll work on it. Maybe...
I got gas in Ashland today. There are cops all on 95, go cops go. All of those people who "hate cops" can suck'll regret that when they protect you. I'd rather get 43298408239043290432 tickets in exchange for one time when they catch someone bad. Not that I get tickets..and if I get stopped I'll pull a "Rachel" and flirt/cry. Haha!
I need to take those IM alerts off of some people. Because there are some people I'm not initiating conversation with anymore and it's annoying when that thing pops up. Communication is a two-way highway dOOd! And you've got the right away. haha, Ok I couldn't help but make that awful joke.
Speaking of "awful"...and "Awful Love" I was informed last nite that my favorite Gibbons member has left the group! *gasp* Such a sad day but he will go onto bigger and better things, like a Matchbox 20 cover band! Anyone lucky enough to have scored a Gibbons CD, hang onto it and cherish it forever;) woopah!
miss scarlet

:: Miss Scarlet 2:28 PM [+] ::
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