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:: Saturday, October 05, 2002 ::

Last Nite:
Alyssa's birthday party at Cara and Katie's place. Had a great time seeing *everyone*, yay! Good food too, I was pleasantly surprised by the veggie treats, hehe. I was sort of upset that as I was leaving to head to my second party, that was when Allison and Jimmy showed up, bust. But that's ok, we'll see each other again soon I hope.
Christopher's was fun too. Saw the ol' Mu Phi crowd which was great. And the 451 came although with notable exceptions of Vanessa and Julianne. One was in Alabama and one was on house arrest, just kidding. I had fun there although it was a bust on the Scarlet-o-meter...which basically doesn't mean anything. Went to Denny's and had the worst service ever there, as bad as Spanky's on a Saturday afternoon! But mmmfries. Then I came here at 4. Yikes. Tonite is Sparta. I dont feel like typing least on this thang.

:: Miss Scarlet 1:56 PM [+] ::
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