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:: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 ::

Julianne, don't wish to be somewhere else, make the most of where you are. Then you'll be happier:) It's the only way. That's awesome about Volleyball though! I wish there was some soccer or tennis action going on down here. But I guess its getting sorta cold.
Last nite was the Plea for Peace show with what seemed like 48920 bands...Engine Down, Poison the Well and Thursday are who I went for and they were all great. I got some pictures but not as many as I had hoped bc the crowd was sorta rough and I couldn't get up front. Saw a bunch of people: Vanessa of course, Mike, Mandy, and Meredith...woooohoooo! Mandy scared the crap out of me bc she ran up and hugged me and I was like "Who is around my waist, do I know this person?" haha.
I'm super tired bc I was up very late and early studying for my bio test which was sorta tricky:( I'm hoping for a C....I'd be fine with that. He had a bunch of questions on old material which sucked!
Tonite will be another fun filled nite of studying as I have my second stats test tomorrow and I'm a *bit* behind, oops. Wednesday I think I'm going to MWC to see Ramrod? Thursday is Halloween and I'm spending at least some of it at Sauce with Jesse and Jobeth (Jesse is my brother by the way). I'm not sure about Friday, (I)NC? Saturday I don't know about and Sunday I don't know about. Why do I feel the need to plan my week? Um, Because I'm putting on studying. Oh yeah, thats it.

:: Miss Scarlet 11:16 AM [+] ::
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