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:: Thursday, October 24, 2002 ::

In reponse and addition to Rena's blog about the different types of IMers I must point out some more types of IMers.
~The type that writes in stream of conscious-I do that a lot. There's nothing wrong with it, unless you're talking to a paragraph IMer bc by the time they hit enter with their 5 sentence response you're on to 4 other topics. Both IMers need to adapt in this case.
~Then there are the IMers who write just to say hi right before they get offline. This is acceptable for best friends and sisters. That's it.
~MIA IMers is my new term for those scumbags who just stop writing all of a sudden. It's not fun. Think of it like this: If you were in person having a conversation would you just walk away without answering the person or at least saying bye? And these are the people who don't even sign off, they just stop writing. At least if you sign off we can assume you lost your connection or you're saving a puppy or something. This is an appropriate time to use the writing right before you get offline action though. If you realize that you "forgot" (psha) to write someone back then please, feel free to write and say "Just wanted to say bye before I left, Sorry I didn't write back, [insert excuse in here]" My favorite excuse is "It didn't blink" because that is often true.
~Nazi IMers- Those rare folks who sit by with everyone on alert and IM them the second they sign on. I'm not like this and I dont know anyone who is, thank goodness.
~Sneaky IMers- *sarcasm* Do you really think IMChaos is going to "catch us"? If I click on it then it's because I want you to know I checked, duh.
~Idleless- There is a "show when idle" option for a reason, so the rest of us don't have to IM you all day til you get back. But I can understand not showing you're idle sometimes so I'll allow it.
~brb- This means "be right back" or in some instances "bathroom break". It does not, however, mean "I'm going to go run a marathon and be back in about 4 hours....Keep waiting though!" Same with "hold on"- i just hope noone out there is literally holding on to something. Except their hope that you bastards are coming back! Arg.
~AIM Slang- Besides a few which have withstood the test of time, Don't use ridiculous slang words, "ur", "u", "2" etc....Because I happen to be literate and when I try to read that I think "er" and "u", and "2" (literally)...Don't confuse us!

That's all for now. I know I'm a dork but this had to be said. Haha...

:: Miss Scarlet 1:49 PM [+] ::
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