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:: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 ::

I'm trying to finish this book. I have to write the paper on it tomorrow. Although instead of reading earlier I picked out my outfit for mousetrap and straightened my hair. Oh now I know why I am not tired yet, I got a cappucino earlier. hmm. My window was open and it got FREEZING in here. But I maintain that cold is so much better than hot. SCARVES, Oh I can't wait. I need more exciting stuff to blog about...
Pat and I are going to "jam" again..Send suggestions here: CLICK HERE!

My favorite liquor is amaretto. I came to the decision over the weekend. YUM! My mom had this almond amaretto pie that was AMAZING. Not to mention Amaretto sours. OH I HAVE A GREAT IDEA! The Drink of the day. Not necesarily one I've had that day, just to clarify. We will start now:

Amaretto Sour
45 mL amaretto
1/2 lemon, squeezed
soda water
ice cubes


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