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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

I'm at MWC because I had to come pick up my transcripts they never sent so I can register for classes at VCU next week. Now I think i am going to go bother Nick. Apparently he has an office, ooooh! hehe... Then I'm going to go get money out at the Eagles Nest ATM which may or may not be a good idea depending on who I run into. Then I'm going to chik-fil-a to use my coupon! YUM! Then I'm going back home...And yes, I'm skipping stats too-stupid class!
I'm really hungry.
Today in recitation class for Life Sciences this girls stomached growled so loud people across the room heard and they started laughing during my presentation of my article-that's always a little unnerving=/ But my teacher loves me because I don't make stupid statements like half of the class does. "I wonder if these Doritos are stale" Actually that guys pretty cool because he just doesn't care what people think and that's cool. But the army guy I could do without. Sorry army guy. I'm glad you're being all you can be but every story doesn't have to start with "In the Army..." I'm going to start telling Navy stories and then we can fight.
haha, I'm just being dumb. Smell you later! I can't believe "smell you later" replaced "goodbye";)

:: Miss Scarlet 11:26 AM [+] ::
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