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:: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 ::

I register for Spring classes in about 6.5 hours...I'm so not ready. I mean, I have the schedule I *want* but who knows if that will happen. I'm a senior htough, I'll get what I want, right? I have a few back-ups, but just a few. I wish there were more bio classes to choose from. Oy. I'm not going here for more than 2 more semester and I better get to take fun stuff sometime! I really want to take photography and conducting. We'll see...
I'm also not ready for my stats test, but I will be bc I have about 4 hours of down time in between classes to study tomorrow. Go me Go.
I need to talk about something insightful, ummm... here you go: Things would be so much easier if people would just say what they wanted. I certainly don't do that, hardly ever actually. But I recommend it to everyone else. It seems like every relationship has some sort of go-between involved with it. Not always someone who literally goes back and forth between the people but someone who hears what words should be directed at the other person. Is this something we grow out of? I hope so.
I watched Bridgit Jones's Diary today, hehe.
Scarlet V.

:: Miss Scarlet 1:01 AM [+] ::
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