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:: Saturday, October 12, 2002 ::

I love Cruel Intentions. In all of it's evilness and in some's opinion, teenage crapulance, it's great.
Anyway, I was thinking earlier of careers I could get into. Most of theses are "dream jobs" so we'll see...
Forensic Scientist- One of the few bio fields I could handle. But only in a cool, crime scene way. Hehe, TV's gotten to me (CSI). This requires a masters in *shriek* bio though, yikes.
Nutritionist- For athletes or something would be cool. I don't understand why I don't get credit for this at college, well, it doesnt count for the bio major-stupid.
The person who picks the music for movies- This would totally rule. Music makes the movie. Well, it can make or break it. Can you say Celine Dion? HAHHAHA
Sound Engineer- Or something like that. To make CDs. And have a studio, or something.
Brad Pitt's Wife- Um, yeah.

OK, emotional part in Cruel Intentions, gotta go.
ps. aww

:: Miss Scarlet 12:42 AM [+] ::
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