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:: Friday, October 25, 2002 ::

Firstly, a few random things before I forget. There was a raccoon under your car tonite, Robert. Raccoons scare me. In that potentially rabid going to bite my face kind of way. Also I passed by the movie set, I think. But I was going too fast for them to catch a glimpse at my made for movies face. I'm craving Pepsi but all I have is milk, not going to work. I might have to swing by the Rose household to steal some food and drinks on Saturday on my way home from Cynthia's bday festivities.
Secondly, I have a stats quiz tomorrow, like every Friday and I definitely don't know the material this time so I'm actually looking in my *gasp* book. But the book sucks at life and so does the supplement to the book, surprise surprise.
Thirdly, News is not "breaking" if we've been hearing it all day AND it's not even your jurisdiction (ahemRichmondahem)
Ninthly, I'm going to apply at Up Against The Wall where Jobeth works. Should be interesting since I have to say something about myself and fashion. I need to have this ready before I go in there bc I'll totally draw a blank and be like "I wear clothes, hire me." I'm realizing that I have a lot of clothes that are missing. They must be at home, they BETTER be at home. Oh goodness, if my mom sold them at a yard sale she's toast! But she knows better so I'm sure they're somewhere.
Oh Pepsi!
Meeting Lucas at Jammin Java tomorrow nite. I hope I don't act too goofy, but then again he's good friends with Rena so I'm sure he's used to it;) Hehe, not that that's bad at all Rena! I have a bad habit of forgetting to tone down my comments around new people. If I think of an example I will post it, assuradly...spelling? I dont think so. Context is a question too.
S. Virginia

:: Miss Scarlet 12:17 AM [+] ::
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