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:: Saturday, September 28, 2002 ::

Vanessa and I had one of the most interesting nites ever last nite. Started off at Battle of the Bands at MWC where This Boys Trouble was horribly robbed of first prize by those dickheads Here Today *worst band ever*. And they always win which is so effing stupid. Did you HEAR the first song? They had to use a lyric sheet? AND the bass player didn't even know the middle part. WTF. And This Boys Trouble had so many more people up front. Erg. I'm glad Meredith's band Pets or Meat got second though-they were fun!
Then we went to Spirits where we playedpool with some old guys (I totally kicked ass thank you very much). Then Pat came so we went out to the front. Then we hung out with some of Vanessa's "associates" and that was a lot of fun. No details here. Snoop Dogg was there, HAHAHHA. Um, who else. FREDVEGAS was there. YAYAYY! Man, if you want the detailed version you'll have to ask me, too much to type here. We also saw Andre, at Spirits AND at Denny's at 3AM where he force fed me hash browns. We also met Ben and the A-hole guy, I can't remember his name-sorry buddy. He wasn't really an A-hole. Umm, what else? Oh, then on the way home both our moms called...HAHA. So weird, but hilarius. Moms rule.


ps. BLISS tonite. Everyone should come. Oh yeah, Vanessa remember the guy outside looking for Lee St? haha

:: Miss Scarlet 5:14 PM [+] ::
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