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:: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 ::

Tonite is the second installment of the Trail of Dead shows in DC at the 9:30 club. I'm excited, although tired. I woke up this morning, after my first full nite's sleep in quite awhile, with a horrible headache. Migraine level headache. It made me feel sick even and I almost skipped my Bio class but thank goodness I didn't bc he took roll AND went over a ton of stuff. And seeing as how I am refraining from buying the "optional" textbook, that would have sucked.
I'm actually at MWC right now in the Mac Lab, boy how it's changed. Anyway, I'm using the ethernet connection while I wait to go bother Anna before we leave. I sorta want Chik-Fil-A....should I get it? Or wait til driving home to get Wawa...i vote for Wawa. MEEEEMORRRRIIEEESSSSS

ps. wish me luck with the trail

:: Miss Scarlet 5:47 PM [+] ::
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