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:: Thursday, September 12, 2002 ::

Things on my mind:
1. My scanner might be broken and I'm really upset. This does not work out well for the launching of mine and Anna's site.
2. I just made stir fry and it was effing good. Yay for leftover's for dinner.
3. I have a bio test next Thursday....I would be stressed but, I already have a degree;)
4. So many shows are coming up its almost overwhelming. I need to get tickets to them all but that requires money. Oy.
5. Went to Poprocks last nite at the 929, saw some of Richmond's finest *sigh* but there was no dancing, lame! Me, Katie and Robert had fun though. At least I did...
6. I can't find a few of my CDs-but isn't that always the story
7. I am out of my codeine cough syrup.
8. There will be no road trips this weekend. So I hope something else exciting goes on. Vanessa, let's go crash parties.
9. 2 more classes til the weekend, but one of those involves a quiz. Suckage
10. I can't stop myself from watching soap operas all afternoon. AHHHHHHH! But when I'm really tired all I can do is watch tv, and that's all that is on, so it's justified, right?

As a show review for Tuesday nite when I saw Burning Brides, Trail of Dead and Queens of the Stone Age:
Burning Brides were good, I was surprised a little. They had a chick bass player which is cool and the guys voice was very edgy/screamy. I hadn't realized the doors would be so early so I got there about 3 seconds before they started.
Trail of Dead were great of course. Well, on normal rock standards they completely ruled because they do that anyway. On TOD standards they sorta screwed up to be honest. I guess after having seen them 6 times before I know their songs pretty well. I could tell a few times when they missed big downbeats that are supposed to be all together. Not a big deal at all because it didn't mess them up at all. And at one point Jason lost a drum stick which sort of make a few moments interesting until the Brit roadie got it for him. Oh and the bass drum microphone kept coming out and Neil had to go over and fix it. They didn't play Relative Ways which really surprised me. I figured they had saved them for tonite but nope. Maybe it's a guitar issue? They also didn't play Mark David Chapman which makes me sad but I'll live.
Queens of the Stone Age were sort of a surprise. I guess I wasn't expecting all of the lights and set up and stuff. It was pretty though, let's just hope my pictures turn out. Their bass player is really cool, I liked him a lot. They seemed to play all the ones I really like. They have a good sound live, but it started to feel long when the gross sweaty people were moshing right next to me. And the one guy's BO about knocked me out. At this point Vanessa and I made an escape to the back and eventually made our way down to the bar downstairs. Which is where we found Conrad and Jason (drunk? haha) and Conrad offered me a shot of tequila right when he saw me which was cool. mmmmtequilammm. Let's just say I got a souvenir (thanks Van). It was nice to breathe in some fresh cool air and then we went back up to listen more and steal some posters and make a friend with some guy who thought Hot Water Music was poetry reading or something. Well, by then the show was over and we found Pat and went back to the bar for a moment and I said bye to Jason who gave me a hug and said that the crap with Anna's car getting stolen was, and I quote, "BULLSHIT!, Man, that's BULLSHIT!" haha. He also mentioned how cool Anna and I are but I dont want to get into that;) Then it was over...and I drove the 2 hours home...and did my homework.....then slept....then blindly went thru Wednesday..which pretty much takes you full circle to the beginning of this post. How do you like that? Man, what I'd give for some ice cream right about now.

:: Miss Scarlet 2:27 PM [+] ::
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