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:: Thursday, September 19, 2002 ::

Things are getting very tricky very quickly. (Oooh, I'm a poet and didn't know it; well, sort of). Very soon there will either be an explosion (s in the sky?) or things will be A-Ok. Let's hope for the latter.
I'm starting to think that Cherry Coke is killing me. So is my inability to eat food. *sigh* This has happened before, Jr. year...let's not get into why. oooh, I love being all evasive. I did make pasta salad though, quite horrible though. I haven't eaten any-ew mayonaise, gross. But I did manage to become the first person to fuck it up. Who else can BURN something they're BOILING?! WTF? I didn't think that was possible.
I'm wearing my jeans with a hole in the knee. Is that hot;)? haha, kidding.
I put all of my band photos in my albums earlier, I can look at them for hours. And man oh man have I listened to a lot of music today. The soaps just weren't doing it for me today.
I have to go worry about things. Later!
Love and Kisses,

:: Miss Scarlet 5:17 PM [+] ::
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