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:: Thursday, September 05, 2002 ::

Random Thoughts:

~Just a few days til I'll see Trail of Dead for the, um 7th time? Wow. I'd like to make it 9 with Pittsburgh and Philly again but let's not push (aka scare anybody).
~Ramrod tomorrow nite: Anna and Vanessa, ya'll should come!
~I get my bed this weekend, I have some other ideas of who should visit. Ha, just kidding.
~Or am I?
~I passed the Music Building (sniff) and saw 2 vanity license plates of "FIGARO" and "1MEZZO"
~I am in a 1 hour parking spot and I must decide if I want to come back to the lab or go home and veg. Ummmmm...
~I went to Plan 9 today to get ticket's for Courtney (I have to go back though, bc the guy was on the phone and I couldn't ask, I'm a wuss) and I got a CD-eeeek!
~10 minutes and counting
~I retuned my guitar some weird way bc I am convinced that is what is holding my creative juices from flowing: conventional tunings.
~I have GOT to get a bass amp....yet my plans will have to wait as I just shelled out a ton of money today for rent and the deposit.
~I'm wearing my new TOD shirt tomorrow (so Anna, if you DO come down, don't wear yours, ok?)
~i absolutely cannot wait for the leaves to change and for it to get cold. I MISS MY SWEATERS
~Ali got her Learner's-CONGRATS.
~i had spaghetti for lunch and it was goooood....I love the microwave.
~I took cough syrup and it's making me super thirsty.
~oh my gawd, tennis comes on CBS tomorrow.....I can't wait. Even if Capriati and Seles are out of the tourney:(
~5 minutes remain
~My VNH (Vertebrate Natural History) professor is hilarius. He makes those awesome dry humor, almost in passing jokes that I love. Today he said something like "What have we not had much of in the past 3 years?" and he was referring to rain but he said "And let's not get personal here, ok?" HAHAHHA
~I'm going to get maps of Texas and NYC to put on my walls. Goals if you will. And one of Florence perhaps. I heart maps.
~3 minutes
~Call me 540-270-0869..seriously...I get bored when I can't spend hours on end on IM...sad as it is. hehe
~I guess I should get going. The parking police are probably waiting next to my car. I think I'll go home for a bit. But I am sure I'll be back. *sigh*


:: Miss Scarlet 3:03 PM [+] ::
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