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:: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 ::

IM is the devil, It makes life that much more difficult. It's like window shopping-you can see what's there but you either have some big ass barrier between you and what you want or else it's something that you can never get. And that's so effing frustrating. What the hell am I talking about? What do I want on IM? Nothing really. I swear. I've just been in here too long. In where? wow, I'm getting to be one of those annoying bloggers who get's all whigged out or something. Mmmmm, whigged out. Haha! I should get offline. Sorry Roommates (that would be a link if I wasn't feeling lazy).
Love and Peace and Squirrels and Wood Floors,

:: Miss Scarlet 10:04 PM [+] ::
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