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:: Sunday, September 15, 2002 ::

I'd tell you about work yesterday but I don't want to bore anyone to sleep.
Mousetrap last nite was much fun! The music was some of the best in awhile. Thank you so much for playing good songs before 2:20AM. Me, Aaron (sp?) and Vanessa made up some interesting dance moves. The only thing that would have made the nite better was to have seen cuteRichmond there but that's ok, I represent. HAHA!
I'm just hanging out here for awhile, meeting at 3 to wrap up some swim team stuff, dinner then heading back to the 'mond. I'm gonna try to go watch TOD on MTV2 at my brother's. I hope it works out.
That's all, so many shows coming up. WOW!!
s c a r l e t !

:: Miss Scarlet 1:13 PM [+] ::
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