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:: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 ::

I am on AIM Express and let me tell you....THIS RULES. I have about 15 minutes til I need to head to Anthro. Then at 12 I get to eat my sandwich which I am really looking forward to. At this time I will also be hoping I don't get a ticket. Haha. It says "no parking wed 11-1" But it has no arrows to designate a large area and I'm not directly under it. I think it should be ok, maybe I will go cehck to be sure. But gosh, it's hot outside and I hate it. i have stats at 2 and Life Science at 4. Then I think I'll go get Courtney's tickets at Plan 9 and try not to buy anything fo rmyself-SO HARD. I just realized my shirt has something on it, eek, how embarassing. Whatever shall I do.
Man I dont feel so well. I have a cough now. And I'm tired.
I'm gonna go check on tennis scores.

:: Miss Scarlet 10:34 AM [+] ::
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