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:: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 ::

I am copying you because I have a few minutes to waste before class, and besides...I love these things!

1. First Name: Scarlet
2. Hair Color: dark brown
3. Middle Name: Virginia
4. Hair Style: long! and sometimes curly, sometimes just wavy:(
5. Eye Color: green
6. Height: 5'9"
8. Birthday: 17 Feb
9. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: no, not yet..MUAHAHA
11. Do you have a crush?: are you kidding me? when don't i

1. Favorite Animal: leopard
2. Favorite Sport: tennis
3. Favorite Color(s): black and red

4. Favorite Friend(s): jules, Rena, etc
5. Favorite Friend(s) Online: jules, Courtney, Mike
6. Favorite Song(s) of the Moment: "Aged Dolls" Trail of Dead
7. Favorite Movie Quote: Um...I'll get back to ya on this one
8. Favorite Store: Mars, Best Buy, Plan 9
9. Favorite Feeling: feeling liked/loved
10. Favorite Shoe: I really love my Pumas
11. Favorite Scent: chlorine is cool
12. Do You Wear Make-Up?: when I dont feel like shit
13. Which is more important, personality or looks?: it just depends, first impression is looks pretty much, but know
14. What kind of qualities do you like in a guy/girl?: i like people who are into music...and dont' smell.
15. Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: eh
16. What is your idea of the perfect guy/girl?: Conrad? haha
17. Would you ever ask someone out?: probably not
18. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: dark

1. What is the first thing you notice about someone?: hair, and clothes
2. When's the last time you cried?: Um, when I said bye to Ali the first time I came close
3. What do you want to be when you grow up?: something in music
4. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? um, no
5. How far have you gotten?: 3 kids and a gun
6. Do you like someone right now?: i answered this
7. Do they know?: i'm not sure....they might
8. Do you have a best friend?: oh yes

Within the last 24 hours, have you...

1. Had a serious talk?: naw
2. Hugged someone?: yes?
3. Gotten along well with your parents?: yes
4. Fought with a friend?: sorta

1. Give hugs?: i like to
2. Give back rubs?: nope
3. Take walks in the rain?: i LOVE rain, but not first rain smell, ew
4. You ever have that falling dream?: no
5. What is on the walls of your room?: green paint? dude i dont eeven have a bed yet, lets take things one at a time
6. When you chew gum, what kind?: i dunno
7. Do you use chap stick?: i'm addicted, but i need it

In the last month have/did you...

1. Drink?: yeh
2. Smoke?: no
3. Do drugs?: no
4. Have Sex?: no
5. Made Out?: no
6. Go on a date?: no
8. Go to the mall?: yes
9. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: no
10. Eaten sushi?: no
11. Been on stage?: kind oif, haha. ask me for the story
12. Been dumped?: no
13: Have someone be unfaithful to you?: no
14. Watched The Smurfs?: no
15. Hiked a mountain?: gross
16. Made homemade cookies?: no
17. Been in love?: always

1. Are you popular?: i like to think so, but then again-maybe you're all talking behind my back?!
2. Are you pretty?: naw
4. What is your favorite word to say: scandalous! and "Oh SNAP!"
5. What is your favorite phrase to say?: oh but you do
6. What are you doing right now?: cutting it close to get to class
7. What song are you listening to?: i'm in the computer lab
8. What are you wearing?: brown corduroy skirt and a jetsto brazil shirt..and rubber ducky flip flops!

1. Cold or hot?: cold
2. Lace or satin?: satin
3. Blue or Red?: red
4. New or old?: new
5. Rain or snow?: snow
6. Give or receive?: give
7. Wool or cotton?: wool
8. Rose or Daisy?: rose
9. Private school or public school?: public
10. Chocolate milk or plain milk?: chocolate
11. Celsius or Fahrenheit?: C
12. Spring or Fall?: fall
13. Inny or outty?: inny
14. Now or then?: now.
15. How many fingers am I holding up?:11..
16. Scent?: chlorine!
17. English or Math?: math
18. Bath or shower?: shower
19. Bedtime phrase?: huh?
20. Self-stick or lick?: self-stick
21. Cursive or print?: print
22. Do you like surprises?: oh yes!
23. Paranoid or Cautious?: cautious
24. Heights or Crowds?: crowds
25. Half-full or half-empty?: neither
26. Top or bottom?: bottom
27. Do you/Would you dye your hair?: i have before, and yes i'd do it again
28. Speeding or running red lights?: speeding
29. Gold or silver?: silver
30. Bad habits?: forgetful
31. Piercing?: just ears
32. Erogenous Zone(s)?: MUSIC
33. "Maybe" or "Mebbe?": maybe
35. What do you wish you'd done?: i wish i had come out of my shell sooner
36. Fetish?: naw
37. Do you have one of THOSE voices?: what
38. Jammies or naked?: jams
39. Neurotic or psychotic?: psychotic
40. Do you talk to yourself?: not so much

:: Miss Scarlet 10:50 AM [+] ::
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