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:: Sunday, September 01, 2002 ::

Friday's nite show as great. Queens of the Stone Age canceled bc of a drummer problem (erg Dave Grohl) but Trail of Dead played on and got a DC band called French Toast to play (has a Fugazi guy in it). Anna and I got to the 9:30 Club early enough to get ahead in the line and exhange our tickets for the vouchers we get to use when QOTSA and TOD come back! YAY! Anyway, we got our prime veiwing spots up front and then waited-a long time. But that wait was bearable as I got to talk to Conrad for a little bit. He said that since Dave Grohl dropped out so late their replacement drummer didn't have enough time to learn the stuff or something. And C was worried people wouldn't come, yeah right-it was PACKED. I told him they should play for like 2 hours then play some covers then take requests then bring some people up to play with them, hehe. And I offered Second Accounting Cycle to open for them the next nite in Philly since it was a last minute show and they weren't sure of an opener. But he said to get some songs together and you never know;) Ok so, the show was...AMAZING. Really, really, really good. Wow. The set list was a bit different than the other times we've seen them bc they didn't play Relative Ways, Mistakes and Regrets or Mark David Chapman. Hmmm. I'm thinking they're maybe saving those for when they come back, so they have some different stuff for that time. But they did play Days of Being Wild which was AWESOME. Some highlights include: Jason climbing the speakers and contemplating jumping off, Neil playing bass while lying on his back flopping around, Aged Dolls-I thought that was especially good. Cons would include the idiots who climbed onstage and instead of just stage diving they thought it would be "cool" to stand right next to Conrad and make retarded faces, sigh. And the guy who stage dove with a lit cigarette, that guy sucks. I don' understand the pushing moshing, so dumb. Ok, so then we talked to them afterwards and said we were going to go see them at the Khyber in Philly the next nite and they all offered to put us on the guest list, haha. It's sort of funny bc Kevin offered first and Anna gave him our names, then we talk to Jason and he offers, and then Conrad does. Haha. *heart* So last nite we went to Philly. Left Fredericksburg at roughly 4:30ish (stupid Route 3 traffic) and got there at about 8ish. Good thing I had some navigational sense last nite, woohoo! We were indeed on the guest list BUT I realized I had left my license at home! OHMY GAWD..and he wouldn't accept a college ID so thank goodness I had my learners in my wallet and that worked. Philly is a LATE city and TOD didn't even go on til midnite so we went and walked around and got a piece of pizza then went back to the club at about 10PM. Ok, the first band was pretty good, reminded me of Grandaddy a little. Second band was different. Only 2 guys but it had drums, keyboards, bass and guitar and seriously 10 effect pedals. Holy Cow. It took them forever to set up and then they had some technically difficulties which sucked, poor guys. Anyway, then TOD went on-WOOHOOO! They were really good, the sound wasn't as good as the 9:30 club but that's just bc its a small club. They played the same set and Jason even said that to us in the middle of the show, haha. I didn't mind. That stage is super small and they kept running into the walls and falling into the crowd and stuff. It was really good. At one point Jason invited people up to dance and Conrad and Neil were like "WTF?" but then got into it and about 10 people were up there dancing. But they had to be stupid and push around and get all in the guy's junx-boo. Then at the end they finished and everyone was yelling for them to play more and Jason decided they should, woohoo. So he got the other guy's back up there but Conrad was AWOL for like 5 minutes, hehe. But he came back and they played more and it was awesome and amazing and a really fun Saturday nite:)
AND Johanna came by and surprised me and I got to see her and meet her sister, that was nice. Too bad it was like 2:15 when we got out of there so we couldn't exactly hang out with her. Bust. I got home at 7AM and by then the sun was coming up and I wasn't even tired anymore, insane.
More details later as I remember them.

:: Miss Scarlet 2:57 PM [+] ::
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