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:: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 ::

That sucks Jules, Are they going to fix them? Or, if they won't...give them all away really quick-tell them you were in an unholy town and were trying to spread the word and you need new cards and "by the way, its Ms. Julianne Wallace and I'm the director".
Today I had my big scary bio class...Vertebrate Natural History. I was 10 minutes late bc I couldn't find a parking spot (and we thought MWC had parking issues!) and I finally risked it in a 1 hour spot. So I get in the class and there's no professor which is cool bc he won't know I'm late. But then 20 minutes later (30 minutes into the class of course) he finally comes. Apparently HIS schedule said the class was at 10:30-weird. That's ok though, I was too tired to think about vertebrates. Although I did no the order of Taxonomy-woohoo! And I was going to hang around campus and find a computer lab to get my anthropology readings but I couldn't deal with finding another parking spot so I came back here. I got to watch tennis for a few hours though, yay! I love Safin and Philippoussis.
I'm going to have to think of something to do, I dont want to drive JB crazy. I wonder what the peeps are up to tonite-GIVE ME A CALL, PEEPS!
i'm gonna go make a PB+J sandwich, mmmmmmm!

ps. hot boy in bio class-reow

:: Miss Scarlet 1:12 PM [+] ::
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