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:: Monday, August 26, 2002 ::

One class down, 2 more to go today. ARGHHHH! I'm already sick of it. Hehe. And guess who'se car got broken into...MINE! When JoBeth and I went to leave for class I noticed my window was down and the left side doors were unlocked:( THe only thing they took was my change (which was sticky from a spilled drink, ew) and my big thing of water my dad got me. I'm a little sad about that water (bc I'm weird) and if I see any of those bastards drinking Deer Park on this street then some heads will roll! Why am I upset about my stolen water, its just water. They didn't even touch my stereo which was in my glovebox. I guess maybe be then that would be "real" stealing. But dude-I need that water, That's all I have. It was to sustain me for the week. And, my dad bought them for me and I'm retarded and that makes me sad.
Anyway, class at 2 in the same room-that sucks. TOO BAD I DONT HAVE ANY WATER TO BRING WITH ME!!!!!!!:(:(:(:(:

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