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:: Sunday, August 11, 2002 ::

A nice relaxing Sunday at home. I caught up on some sleep, so nice. I'm going to go up to the pool in awhile to say goodbye to Jackie since it's her last day. Even though I'll see her again this week before she leaves for college, hehe. But we can complain about out crappy pool a little more. Yes!
Ali is at Natty Lights house, hence me being able to use the computer. MMMM spider solitaire.
Sparta comes out on Tuesday which works out perfectly with mine and Ali's shopping trip, yay! Wednesday is Hey Mercedes, Thursday is ALL! YAYAYA! Next weekend is Hershey, PA and a week later is Richmond-craziness. 30 August is the new Silverchair. 30 August is also Trail of Dead. Muhahah! I just found out that one of my high school friends will be there, awesome!
I am really contemplating a trip to the beach. I HAVE to go to the beach during the summer, if not I might die. My body would self destruct. Implode. (less mess) So if anyone wants to go to the beach, let me know.
My horoscope was pretty interesting for "singles love"...something about a phone call...*hint*

:: Miss Scarlet 4:46 PM [+] ::
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