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:: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 ::

Nice Guys Finish Last. apparently. I'm watching Ali's Green Day videos tape, I love these guys. Never am I not in the mood to listen to them. Good job guys.
Only 10 days until the 5th (?) time I see Trail of Dead. Baltimore, DC, Philly, and Pittsburgh-right? Right. Soon we can add a few more:) Other bands I've seen a lot include:
Hey Mercedes: 930 Club in DC (twice), U of Richmond, Black Cat in DC, I feel as though I'm missing another time. Erg.
The Gibbons: Newark, Delaware last summer, MWC last August, and at the Khyber in Philly last winter.
Count Me Out: 3 Chopt Road Sports Bar Place, Alley Katz, in DC, at VA Beach...I think thats it...But I'm not sure.
Who else have I seen....I'm blogging this more for my own memory's sake (it sucks):Foo Fighters (Nissan, Black Cat), NoMeansNo (Black Cat), The Promise Ring (Black Cat), Jimmy Eat World (Black Cat, Nissan), Death Cab For Cutie (Black Cat, U of R), Those Peabodies (TLA in Philly, Black Cat), Mooney Suzuki (TLA), The Prom (Black Cat), Denali (Alley Katz), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Nissan), Smashing Pumpkins (Patriot Center GMU), Jewel (Meriweather PP), American Nightmare (Alley Katz), Strike Anywhere (Alley Katz..more?), ALL (Nation, Black Cat), Thursday (Balty, Black Cat), Saves The Day (Balty), Whatever It Takes (Balty), Edenpark (The Vault in Balty, my house), The Prom (U of R, Black Cat), Naht (U of R, Black Cat), Burning Airlines (U of R), Green Day (AU), Knives Out (DC), Sparta (Black Cat), Wretch Like Me (Black Cat), Something I (Black Cat), Armstrong (Black Cat)...I'll add more as I remember.


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