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:: Thursday, August 08, 2002 ::

Mamadas en mi coche, Quieres?

Today was an off day. Headed to the pool at 10:40ish to vacuum with Jackie when she calls saying the pool is green and we need to take a sample to Payne Pools. By 11:20 we still don't really know whats wrong with it but we have a strong guess that it's Mustard Algae. Algae is an effing 4 letter word in Remington. Have no more than 5 people at one time at the pool all day long. It was extremely boring but I did have spaghetti for lunch, mmm. Thanks Jax! Got home at 8:05 after adding more chlorine than a pool should have in it to find Ali and Nathaniel in the basement (reow) and my parents in the living room...all being very boring. This is when I almost go insane.Proceed to next step.
Watch Bird On A Wire with the Al, talk to Mike, Jackie and Buck online. Get non-detailed phone call. Talk more to Mike, Jackie and Buck. And here we are now, Mike's gone to sleep bc he works early tomorrow, Jackie's gone to sleep bc we work at the same time tomorrow and Buck got off too, who knows why. I'm reading Jane and watching the second half of Titanic because it's the movie I grapped from Ali's under the desk collection. Leonardo Dicaprio is hot, I don't care what you think. So is Brad Pitt who was one of my choices when we played MASH today at work. Mine ended up great except for husband (my *goal* aka someone's dad at the pool) and my lack of money, only 1 $. I don't like to go to sleep when not in a good mood. It reminds me of those few horrible days of dead week when I was sick and I had someone be dissapointed in me. I'm not used to that, Ali said I'm a hard act to follow, I hope she's right-for my sake. I wouldn't follow my act, it's lame at times. This late night rambling might get me in trouble but who cares, not me. Oh wait I do. I always care. Remember Marianne in the Babysitter's CLub who was the overly sensitive one? That's me at times, it sucks. I always wanted to be Stacey who was from NYC or Claudia who was the artist with cool clothes. I own that movie you know, The Babysitter's Club. The first time I babysat I brought games of my own over. I ended up inventing some game about catching falling leaves in order to get the oldest kid off of the roof of their shed. Have I mentioned our pools green?

:: Miss Scarlet 12:37 AM [+] ::
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